Aloe Vera MOISTURIZING Body Butter

Aloe Vera MOISTURIZING Body Butter

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Aloe Vera has multiple properties:
It is moisturizing and soothing, ideal for dry skin, or after hair removal or sun exposure.
Effective against acne , since it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Heals wounds and burns.
Helps treat psoriasis.

These butters provide greater hydration to the skin than conventional lotions.

When applied to the skin, it does not have rapid absorption, on the contrary, it remains on the skin in the form of an active film, which allows it to remain on the skin for a longer time.

They are ideal for daily use after bathing or showering, as well as for body massages.

Directions for use: Before use, cleanse skin with a warm to hot shower or bath to open pores. Gently massage a small amount into skin.