SOFTENING Shower Cream with Apple and Spinach

SOFTENING Shower Cream with Apple and Spinach

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Stimulates cell renewal. Soft, smooth skin with a light apple aroma.

With apple and spinach extract (vitamin B, vitamin A and vitamin E).

Spinach contains a large amount of B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E:

They are rich in essential acids and fiber, they have a relevant role in combating candida infections, which are naturally present in the vagina.

It helps prevent infections, eliminate bad odor and improve vaginal hydration .

Instructions for use: Apply the shower cream on a damp sponge or directly on damp skin and massage the product all over the body. Then rinse with water.

Can't make plenty of foam? Without worries! This shower cream is not intended to produce a lot of foam.

Ultra delicate formula that does not contain SLS or parabens. 95% natural and organic ingredients.