Mikado Mango Air Freshener

Mikado Mango Air Freshener

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Mango aroma mikado.

High diffusion air freshener for large spaces

Wide variety of mikado air freshener fragrances for home and business with a very high concentration of essence and our special combination of alcohols that gives it a More effective diffusion in any type of environment . We have a wide variety of aromas citrus, floral, sweet and special for different rooms, home, business or work space.

Mikado air fresheners contain high quality porous rattan rods of natural origin for better absorption and diffusion of the product in the environment.

The best effective diffusion air freshener in any type of environment in an aesthetically beautiful glass container.

Free of added colorants.

Spare parts available

High concentration in high quality essence.

Contains 6 porous rattan rods .

Content: 100ml