JOJOBA Vegetable Oil

JOJOBA Vegetable Oil

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100% pure and Organic Jojoba Vegetable Oil.

Facial, body and hair use.

Regulator, repairer and antioxidant.

All skin types and delicate skin.

Ideal for dry, damaged or dyed hair.

Oil for massages, body treatments, facial and hair care.

Provides prolonged hydration and nutrition to the skin, protecting it from external factors.

Thanks to its antioxidants and vitamins A and D, it promotes collagen production, delaying skin aging.

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, regulates pH and sebum production in the skin and scalp .

Low probability of pore clogging.

Reduces hair loss , repairs split ends , regulates dandruff , provides shine and softness to hair with an anti-frizz effect.