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body oil massage and cherry -scented bath from BUBBLES&COLORS.

- They offer a Deeper and longer-lasting nutrition . Thanks to its oily consistency, the nutritional components remain on the epidermis longer, forming a permanent hydration layer on the skin.

- They repair the outer protective layer of the skin , the stratum corneum, replenishing the essential fatty acids that the skin loses over time.

- They prevent water loss of the skin, retaining it and preventing its evaporation, thus ensuring its correct hydration and softness.

Made with essential oils and pure almond oil base.

How do you use body oil?

The body oil leaves skin soft and radiant. Apply a small amount to damp skin after a shower or bath to seal in moisture.
Let it dry on its own or pat it gently with a towel.

Formula without parabens, without lauryl sulfate, without aggressive chemicals.

Content 250ml