Natural olive and coconut oil soap recipe

Have you ever wanted to make your own natural soap and didn't even know where to start? Well, here I leave you a super simple recipe for beginners with only 4 ingredients:

In another blog entry, I explain what are the basic utensils you need to make soap and what protective measures you have to take to avoid scares or accidents. Always safety first!

- 238g of distilled water (it can also be made with undistilled water, but always as a precaution since it is a product for the skin, we will use distilled water that does not contain impurities)

- 92g of caustic soda or sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

- 531g olive oil

- 138g coconut oil

Steps to follow:

1. Weigh each of the ingredients separately on a scale.

2. In a safe container, add the caustic soda. Place the container in a suitable place with good ventilation and away from any object that could disturb you when working. Very carefully pour in the distilled water little by little. This mixture reaches a high temperature. A trick to control the heat is to add part of the water in the form of ice cubes. This way, the temperature will not rise as much when we mix both ingredients. And remember, the last thing will always be to add the liquid water so that it does not splash on us.

3. On the other hand, we mix the olive oil and coconut oil. If it's winter or cold, the coconut oil will probably be solid. If so, put it in the microwave for a few seconds so that the temperature increases and becomes liquid.

4. This step is when we must add the coloring and fragrance if you want to do so. I have kept the recipe as simple as possible and as natural as possible so that the result is a pure natural olive oil and coconut oil soap. But if you want to add coloring or fragrances you should do so when you have mixed both oils. I leave you the measurements here so you don't have to look for it:

- 21g of fragrance

- 3g of dye if they are micas, otherwise consult the manufacturer

5. Now we check the temperature of both mixtures. For the soap to come out as best as possible, the temperature should not fluctuate too much. The smaller the difference, the better the result.

6. Now we gradually add the lye mixture (water + soda) to the oil mixture. It is best to use a mini-quick hand blender to make the mixture as homogeneous as possible. You should beat until you notice a small change in texture.

7. Pour the result into a soap mold. You will have to wait until all the water has evaporated and the soap remains solid inside the mold before you can unmold it. This usually takes between 3 and 5 days depending on the temperature in the room. My advice is to cover it with film so that it does not get dusty and in a dry place without direct sunlight.

The measurements and weights are to make a little less than a kilo of soap. If you want to try a smaller quantity, for example, half a kilo (about 5 pills of approximately 100g), you must divide each of the quantities by two.

If you dare and in the end make natural olive oil and coconut soap at home, do not hesitate to upload the result to the networks and tag us :)

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